## home

* v1r.eu [goto]
(http://v1r.eu/ frontpage)
* contact [mail]

## current projects

* seven.tf [goto]
(http://seven.tf/ button maker)
* hell.ws [goto]
(http://hell.ws button showcase)
* x2.tf [goto]
(http://x2.tf/ personal steam stats)

## affiliates/links

* eyy.co [goto]
* midtask.com [goto]

sixem llc

## old projects

* random stuff [goto]
(http://v1r.eu/projects/ old)

## etc

* king terry [goto]
(http://v1r.eu/terry/ terry a. davis)
* 1942 [goto]
(http://v1r.eu/1942/ good times)
* dixie [goto]
(http://v1r.eu/dixie/ adieu)
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